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Read - a - Thon



Welcome to the Read-a-thon!

What is the Read-a-thon? This is an annual fundraiser that is designed to
encourage our children to read more and enjoy it. All money raised goes to Friends of Marquez. 

How does it work?

  1. Every Friday you will receive a weekly reading log.  You need to track the number of minutes spent reading OUTSIDE the classroom and write down teh title of book(s) read on your log (for longer books, the same title can appear more than once.)  Minutes spent reading for homework counts.  Kinder, first and second graders may include minutes adults read to them.  PARENTS:  Please help your child keep track and total the number of minutes for the week, and don't forget to initial.  Bring your weekly log back to class at the end of every week.
  2. Ask your parents, grandparents, uncles, aunites, friends and neighbors to sponsor your reading by pledging to donate a small amount for every minute you read or a flat amount.  Any donation is greatly appreciated! Make checks payable to Friends of Marquez or pay online.  Your contribution may be 100% tax deductible.  Please consult your tax advisor.
  3. You will get a raffle ticket for the chance to win a prize: EVERY time you return your reading log ON TIME and another one if you return this page with a donation by Monday, November 26. 

Readers Win Prizes

  1. Certificate of participation and ribbon for all students that participate in this year's Read-a-thon.
  2. CLASS PARTY for the class with the most minutes read at each grade level.
  3. Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet for TWO lucky raffle winners.
  4. $20 Amazon Books GIFT CARDS for FOUR lucky raffle winners.

Reading Log